Summertime fun

OK, we can’t necessarily find insurance for monkeys… . But if you’ve got customers who are throwing a shindig with a potential cast of hundreds, we can help find the insurance they need to protect their festival or special event — whether it’s a wedding, a one-day birthday party bash with pony rides, or a month-long fair with midway rides. A mud run? A fireworks show? A charity golf tourney?

Whatever the event — from a rodeo to an auto race — there’s a good chance a standard insurance policy won’t cover the kind of exposures that come with it. But we can find coverage for those hard-to-place risks. And if it rains on someone’s parade and somebody (maybe somebody marching behind the horse-riding club) slips and falls, we’ll help make sure they’re covered for that, too.

Don’t let foul weather or accidents spoil the party. Contact a Grinnell Specialty Agency broker.