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Professional peace of mind (08/20/2021)
Protect your customers from potential lawsuits

Invest in bonds (08/20/2021)

Partying policyholders? (08/20/2021)
You’ll be surprised how many types of events we can get coverage for

No jitters (05/24/2021)
Help the bride and groom get hitched, without a hitch

Rooted in trust (05/24/2021)
We can find coverage for the risks of landscaping work, from stump removal to tree trimming.

Light’s on but nobody’s home? (11/06/2020)
There are all kinds of reasons people need to insure vacant homes. We’ve got solutions.

No package policies necessary (11/06/2020)
Your customers don’t need a combination policy to cover a specific risk.

We have it covered (07/10/2020)
Lawn care. Day care. Pest control. We can help with those liabilities

Make it special (07/10/2020)
You’ll be surprised how many events and occasions we can get coverage for.

Spring Events (02/23/2020)
You’ll be surprised how many events and occasions we can help you cover.

Vacant dwelling insurance (02/23/2020)
Vacant dwellings insurance covers risks such as vandalism, personal injury, and unattached structures.

Flood insurance (02/23/2020)
Private insurance can protect policyholders from getting waterlogged with worry

Club coverages (11/06/2018)
Clubs coverage through Grinnell Specialty Agency covers risks like events and volunteers

Daycare coverages (11/06/2018)
Child care coverage through Grinnell Specialty Agency covers risks like professional liability and workers’ compensation, also known as workers’ comp or work comp.

Restaurant coverages (11/06/2018)
Grinnell Specialty Agency meets needs of restaurant and tavern owners

Don’t let the bugs bite (08/23/2018)
Protect policyholders from an infestation of frustration.

Are your customers covered for flooding? (02/20/2018)

Weather, schmeather! (02/20/2018)

Animal mortality (02/20/2018)

Play ball! (11/08/2017)

Don’t give the Grinch an inch (11/08/2017)

Snowplow coverage (11/08/2017)

Here’s lookin’ at you, kids (08/25/2017)

A-maze-ing coverage (08/25/2017)

Insuring a vacant home (08/25/2017)

Summertime fun (06/19/2017)
We’ve got insurance for when it IS their circus and those ARE their monkeys.

At bat with sports league insurance (06/19/2017)
Grinnell Specialty Agency can help you cover your customers’ bases with great insurance.