Pumpkins and fall fests and corn, oh my!

So, you’ve got policyholders who have constructed the corn maze, planted the pumpkin patch, or finagled a fabulous fall festival. (Or maybe ALL of that. In which case, they win autumn — and really need great insurance coverage…)

But…(you knew it was coming), what if the whole dang thing is drowned by a thunderstorm? What if Henry takes a header off a hay bale? Or what if — heaven forbid! —  the funnel cakes run out? Every day insurance policies might not cover losses in these situations.

We probably can’t help with the funnel cake thing (except to say that there’s no such thing as too many funnel cakes), but we CAN help you offer your customers coverage for when things don’t go as planned.

Don’t leave your clients hung out to dry like a scarecrow. Give one of our Grinnell Specialty Agency brokers a shout. We specialize in hard-to-place risks. (And we love funnel cakes.)